MOB.XLS is a EXCEL sheet especialy for translate your data into standard RMOB text file.

To download rmob.xls click here !

Create an new Directory onto your Hard Disk C: (only) and unzip RMOBXLS.ZIP  

Then you ave rmob.xls file.

Run rmob.xls file  (valid : use macro).


 Replace example data in the file by your data.

Select the "B" column ( First day of the month ).

Then press + key's to start rmob.xls VBA macro.

 Enter the Year ( 4 digit )  2.jpg
Enter Month (2 digit )
 Enter your NAME  
 Then you ave onto your RMOB directory an new text file named RMOBMMYY.TXT ready to use for RMOB bulletin or Colorgramme  4.jpg